Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace - Law and Beyond (Advance Level)

An online course on POSH Act

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7-hr duration
Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace - Law and Beyond (Advance Level)
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Course Description

Although women today work together with men on all fronts, including politics, business, social and other domains, they suffer discrimination that manifests as sexual harassment in work place. Every individual deserves a workplace that is safe and secure, and is also our Constitutional right. The Government of India has therefore put into effect the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal) Act, 2013, commonly known as the POSH Law that every organization/company is required to comply with.

As per the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplaces (POSH) Act, it is mandatory for every organization to sensitize employees and have Internal Committee which is also trained. However, it is observed that this is not implemented in its true spirit.

As a strategy to build uniformity and scale, SAF India Academy, Pune, has developed this online certificate course that aims at enhancing capacities of organizations/companies to prevent and respond to workplace sexual harassment. The training envisages creating work environments that instil values of safety, trust and fairness, so that sexual harassment is prevented.

Through its online training methodology that uses cutting-edge strategies, it endeavours to reach the doorstep of every stakeholder the employer, the Internal Committee member, and the employee; so as to build the PUSH movement for making workplaces and subsequently the society free of sexual harassment.

Why this course

The online course compliant with POSH Act, 2013 Section 19, Section 24(a) and Rule 13(f):

  • Every employer shall organize awareness programs
  • Mandatory training and sensitization for IC members and employees

Who should do this course

This course is Ideal for Internal Committee members, heads of organizations, and top & middle management.

Course Modules

  • Precursors to Sexual Harassment that exist in the ecosystem that surrounds us.
  • Sexual Harassment at Workplace, and what does and does not constitute sexual harassment, including the grey areas.
  • The POSH Law and the guidelines under it.
  • The Impact and Response Law and Beyond Law that will help in creating a workplace culture of safety, trust and fairness in the long run.
  • How to be the Change Agent so that every individual in the organization can play a role in preventing sexual harassment at the workplace.

  • Features

    • Duration: Up to 7 hours
    • Language: English
    • 30 days access from when you start the course
    • Animated videos
    • Activities
    • Monologue
    • MCQs
    • Downloadable resources
    • Reference material
    • Easy to administer and monitor for large organizations as well


    Dr. Shirisha Sathe
    Dr. Shirisha Sathe
    Dr. Sathe is a renowned counsellor who believes that therapeutic intervention should be brief, precise, and effective. Her focus is always on reaching to the bottom of any issue and resolving it by passing agency to the client so that they can meaningfully steer their lives. A medical doctor with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology, she strikes a golden balance in physiological and behavioral neuroscience and psychology. Alongside a special focus on adolescent issues, she has been working on issues like addiction, domestic violence, marital and premarital counseling. She is also a consultant to many organizations and NGOs.
    Adv. Vaishali Bhagwat
    Adv. Vaishali Bhagwat
    Vaishali Bhagwat is the first technology lawyer in the country with prior qualifications and working experience in the field of IT. Vaishali is a practicing lawyer with an experience over 22 years and is heading an all service law firm in Pune. Her practice includes litigation and non-litigation in Civil, Criminal, and Cyber Law with a special emphasis on Information Technology and violence against women and children.
    Prasanna Invally
    Prasanna Invally
    For the past 30 years, Ms Prasanna Invally has been working towards the advancement of women's rights, violence prevention and providing support and counselling to domestic violence survivors. After receiving the MacArthur Foundation fellowship for Leadership Development, she initiated ‘Sakhi Helpline’ a domestic violence telephone helpline. She is also an External Member in several Internal Committees of various organizations established under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace.

    Professionals Speak

    Expert person

    Pradeep Bhargava

    Former president MCCIA

    Expert person

    Adv. Vaishali Bhagwat

    Advocate (Civil & Cyber Law)

    Expert person

    Vikas Agarwal

    Co-Founder - Legalogic Consulting


    Ayush Agrawal play-icon

    Ayush Agrawal Co-Founder- Seniority Pvt. Ltd.

    “It was really eye-opening. The course is hard hitting, thought provoking and really engaging and because it was online it is very easy to access. It’s a course that that made me question all the inherent biases that all of us carry.”

    Sahil Deo play-icon

    Sahil Deo Co-Founder CPC Analytics

    “I must say that I was extremely impressed with the course and therefore before doing this I did not have a great understanding of this very important subject. I would definitely recommend this course. It is not a dry, legal course, but provides a lot of examples with a focus on psychological aspects of prevention.”

    Dr. Nikhil Varude play-icon

    Dr. Nikhil Varude CEO, Circadian Communications and Analytics

    "I have done 'n' number of courses, my employees have done 'n' number of courses But what I found in this POSH course is that they have made it in a very interesting way. They tell each and every concept in a story form, in a case study form. They just don't throw legal mumbo-jumbo on you."

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