Privacy Policy and Data Protection

a. General

This privacy policy is published in compliance of provisions of the Information Technology Act 2000. The Privacy Policy sets out:

• The type of information collected from Users
• The purpose, means and modes of usage of such information; and
• How and to whom will disclose such information

By agreeing to use the website, you have expressly agreed to this Privacy Policy and given your express consent by accepting the policy.

The User is expected to read and understand the Privacy Policy, so as to ensure that he or she has the knowledge of:

▪ the fact that the information is being collected;
▪ the purpose for which the information is being collected;
▪ the intended recipients of the information;
▪ the name and address of the entity that is collecting the information and the entity that will retain the information ; and
▪ the various rights available to such Users in respect of such information.

b. Definitions of Personal Information and Sensitive Personal Information as defined in IT Act 2000 and Rules
Personal Information is defined to mean any information that relates to a natural person, which, either directly or indirectly, in combination with other information available or likely to be available with a body corporate, is capable of identifying such person.

Sensitive Personal Data or Information  of a person means such personal information which consists of information relating to-

i. password
ii. financial information such as bank account or credit card or debit card or other payment instrument details
iii. physical, physiological and mental health condition
iv. sexual orientation
v. medical records and history
vi. biometric information
vii. any detail relating to the above clauses as provided to body corporate for providing service
viii. any of the information received under the above clauses by body corporate for processing, stored or processed under lawful contract or otherwise;

c. Collection of Personal Information may collect Personal Information from You directly at the time of enrolment or thereafter. at the time of enrolment asks for and collects certain information about You, including personally identifiable information, such as name, age, postal address, phone number, email address, etc. may also collect or gather information about you indirectly in the background relating to the usage of the App or Website by you, such as IP address, location details, Date-Time stamp, etc. By using the App or website you have given your consent to to collect or gather information about you directly or indirectly through cookies or other technical methods. at the time of enrolment also asks for and collects certain information about another person to whom alerts are to be sent by, including personally identifiable information, such as name, age, postal address, phone number, email address, etc.

By using and disclosing the Personal Information of this person you represent and warrant to that you have obtained the requisite permission from the said person for disclosing its personal information to

d. Collection of Sensitive Personal Information collects the following sensitive personal information from you :

i. Bank details
ii. Financial information such as bank account or credit card or debit card or other payment instrument details or investment details,
and does not collect any other sensitive personal data or information from you at any time 

e. Use of Information by
Use of Personal Information: may use your Personal Information collected by directly or indirectly to provide member benefits, which could include notifications etc. or to promote or market products and services of or of a third party which thinks may be of interest or beneficial to you, or to communicate with you for other purposes or to enable you to effectively use or for analytics such as studying user behaviour or to evaluate or improve the app or to enhance the User experience or for technical support. may use your Personal Information collected by directly or indirectly for sharing it with third parties. also reserves the right to use the personal information for analytics, research, etc and also for providing analytics and business intelligence based on your personal information to the third parties in an anonymized form.

Use of Sensitive Personal Information
Scaleup Edutech Private Limited’s shall use the financial information provided by you only for the purpose of receiving payment for services

f. Disclosure Policy may sell, share, or otherwise disclose your Personal Information to third parties and may disclose your Personal Information to other affiliates, agents, partners, and clients worldwide for the stated Purpose or Use. Personal Information may also be disclosed to third parties who act for or on behalf of for further processing in accordance with the purpose for which the information was originally collected or may otherwise be lawfully processed.
Also, Personal Information may be disclosed to a third party if is required to do so because of an applicable law, court order or governmental regulation, or if such disclosure is otherwise necessary in support of any criminal or other legal investigation or proceeding here or abroad.

g. reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to change this Privacy and Disclosure Policy, may simply by communicating the same to you via email or SMS. Regardless of later updates, will never use the information you submit in a new way without first providing you with an opportunity to prevent that use.

h. The information submitted by the You shall be held for as long as is required to access the service requested and as required by law. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. On termination of this agreement or withdrawal of consent, all personal information will be deleted from our records unless required by law as per the procedure elaborated in the Termination clause hereinbelow.

i. You can review and amend your personal information. If You update any of your personal information, may keep a copy of the information which You originally provided in its archives.

j. shall not be responsible in any manner for the authenticity of the personal information or sensitive personal information or information supplied by You.

k. is not liable for any loss of data technical or otherwise, information or particulars supplied by You, due to reasons or causes or conditions beyond its control including but not limited to corruption of data, strike, riots, civil unrest, Govt. policies, tampering of data by unauthorized persons like hackers, war and natural calamities.

l. Should you have questions about this Privacy Policy or’s information collection, use, and disclosure practices, you may contact, the Data Protection Officer appointed by will use reasonable efforts to respond promptly to any requests, questions or concerns, which you may have regarding our use of your personal information. If you have any grievance with respect to our use of your information, you may communicate such grievance to the Data Protection Officer at